Sunday, April 14, 2013

So clearly posting constant updates is no longer something I am good at. Life continues to be incredibly chaotic for us, but what can we expect with four kids?! We would have 5 as of next month, but God felt that it wasn't the right time I guess, because at 10 weeks pregnant I suffered a miscarriage. The kids were heartbroken, and still ask questions to this day. It will happen when it's suppose to though. We are continuing to deal with health issues with Anth. A week ago yesterday he had his first seizure ever. It was the scariest thing I have ever witnessed in my life. We were at a family party in the park. We did our best to keep the kids from seeing anything, but we did have to transport him to the hospital by ambulance, and that alone scared the kids. At this point we aren't sure what caused it. They are testing him for seizure disorders to try to figure it out. He has an MRI on his brain Thursday, and they will also be doing a sleep deprived EEG. They said sleep deprivation will either trigger a seizure or at least seizure activity in his brain if it is a seizure disorder. We are trying to get everything done in the next 30 days, because Anth was laid of last Thursday and his insurance will be ending. The kids are all doing really well. Bella just turned two, and still has so much personality and attitude. You never know what's going to come out of her mouth. The other day she told me her damn phone wasn't working lol I shouldn't laugh, but it caught me off guard! She's still advanced for her age. She speaks better than some four year olds. She can carry full conversations. She knows her ABC's and can count to almost 20. Tasia is going to be 7 in just a couple months. She's so much fun too. I swear I am going to go broke buying gifts for all her friend birthday parties she's constantly invited to. I love that other people think she's just as sweet as I do though. Tasia does really well academically. She's reading above her grade level, and she loves every minute of school. Dominic is still as sweet as ever. He also does well in school. He has been on the honor roll every term this school, and he strives to be on it. He's doing baseball again, and loving every minute of it. He is pitching this year! Sydney is going to be 13 next month. I can't believe it! She is involved in soccer and the school play. She is one busy woman, and I love watching her do her thing! She can't decide how she feels about junior high, because some little brat has been determined to make it hell for her. The school district is involved now though, so hopefully that changes. Otherwise we are just dealing with everyday life. We have an exciting trip to California planned the first week of June. I can't wait! My cousin is getting married, and we are going to Disneyland. The kids and Anth have never been, so it'll be so much fun! I hope all of you are doing well also. I hope to see some updates soon :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yep I suck at this again! My summer has been a bit chaotic though with 8 kids running around, and a husband withhealth issues. Now it's September, and the kids have started school (1st, 4th and 7th grade), so things are a bit quieter and as long as Bella isn't too much of a terror I can take a minute to post. I will start with Anth's health, because it was the scariest part of it all. Anth woke up one morning and couldn't move. It was so scary, and it got worse as the day progressed, so I took him to the Tooele urgent care The Dr there was clueless as to what it could be. He ended up sending us to the University of Utah hospital. After hours of laying there miserable, and going through multiple tests they found out his potassium was down to a 1 and it should be a 4, and the reason he couldn't move is his body was shutting down on him. He was dying! They immediately started loading him up with potassium through an IV and pills. After being there overnight, and getting no sleep at all we were able to go home with strict instructions to rush back in if anything wasn't normal again. Also to follow up with his Dr. When we followed up with his Dr his carbon monoxide levels were through the roof. He had carbon monoxide poisoning from work, so he was on leave for a weekso it could go down, and luckily no problems since, but it was a scary couple of weeks! Otherwise our summer was pretty typical. The kids played outside a lot. They were constantly bored according to them. They drove each other and me completely nuts, and are all happy to be back in school. Tasia turned 6 over the summer, and we went swimming with my mom for her birthday, and it was so much fun! Bella loved every minute of it. She's not too sure how she feels about the kids being gone, but she's getting used to it. She has decided to tear out all of my movies and rearrange my area rugs lately just to see my reaction. She's a handful for sure! Right now we have fall soccer going for Syd. She got to go to the Real game during the major storm last Saturday, and I was a nervous wreck waiting for her to get home but she had a blast! I think that's about all for now. I really will try to be better at updating this.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Feelings really suck sometimes! Especially when they are negative feelings. Yep this is one of those posts. Sorry guys. You can ignore it if you want, and move onto something more upbeat. Last night Anth had a game, and my kids like to take Bella for walks around the ballpark in her stroller. After one of the laps they had done they ran over to tell me they had seen my dad. Of course he had ignored them, because that's what grandparents do right? Oh that's right, grandparents don't ignore their grandchildren just my wonderful father does. I told them just to keep walking if they wanted. We have done nothing wrong, so we don't have to be the ones to avoid him. All the while, my heart was shattering into a million pieces over the situation as it has countless other times. What kind of person can seriously do that to innocent people?! What kind of person can abandon their own child after 30 years and their grandchildren for no reason at all? My kids were way close to my dad, and they CR about how much they miss him all the time. It breaks my heart! Not only that but we lost pretty much a whole family. Besides my sister Stephanie non of my immediate family on that side speaks to us. Not my other sister, not my aunts, uncles, cousins....besides my cousin Chanda none of them speak to us anymore. We have been excluded from everything. To top things off, I went to check on my kids and my dad's girlfriend was staring at them. Then she turned and saw me, and leaned in and started whispering to her friend. I have nothing personally against her. I actually know her, because she is Anth's cousins aunt., but don't play the whisper game when I walk by and don't stare at my kids! I spent half I'd my husband's game bawling last night, and wishing things were different. It'd. Be nice if it even got easier, but it has almost been a year and so far it's worse than even when it first happened. I sure hope I'm not a total wreck like this every week. The week Anth and my dad play each other should be lots of fun :(

Monday, May 14, 2012


Does anyone if I can post pics on here directly from my cellphone, and if so how?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Through thick and thin

Anthony's grandpa passed away Wednesday morning, and last night at his viewing someone mentioned that him and Anth's grandma had met when they were 12 years old. Can you imagine losing someone you love after they have been in your life for 56 years?! I couldn't handle it! That's not the point of this post though. The whole thing got me thinking about how lazy our generation is about marriage and relationships. People don't seem to think they need to put any effort into things. We all expect it to be easy. So many people get divorced for stupid reasons. Don't get me wrong, I think in some cases it's definitely the way to go. By that I mean, if your spouse is sleeping around or you're being abused,. I definitely wouldn't expect anyone to stay for that. We all need to understand times get hard, people get stressed and people fight. There are so many steps you can take to try to repair a marriage before giving up in it. When I said my vows to Anth, I meant them! I plan to stick by him through thick and thin, and I plan to take every measure (ife needed it) before I would ever give up on

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tomorrow our little princess will be one year old!!! I know everyone says it, but time has flown by so fast. Bella has brought so much joy to our lives. Some facts about Bella..... Loves to dance! Any music that comes on she starts bouncing or wiggling her hips. Loves to snuggle! Climbs on everything...beds, chairs, couches, etc. Eats really well, but especially loves green beans, ramen noodles and pasta. Has 2 bottom teeth, and is getting 2 on top I took her off the bottle yesterday, and she is doing really well Sleeps through the night Knows when I get the water bottle and comb it's time to do her hair, so she backs up and sits in front of me Talks a ton! She says hi, bye bye, no, mama, dada, nini (Sydney), hey, here, five (for high give), a boo (Bella boo), nigh night, tee-a-doo (peek-a-boo), here, ya, uh oh, baba, caca and up If we say "Arabella Lu!" she'll look at us and shake her head, because she know she's doing something wrong. When she gets tired she pulls her own hair She's in love with her blanket. She won't go to bed without it, but she's a hot baby so she can't have it in her, and has to sleep in her diaper. If I put her in pjs she'll wake up screaming in the middle of the night until I take them She is so attached to Syd, and a lot of times wants her when she is upset. She's so lucky to have such a good big sister who is just as attached to her :) She is still tiny. She's 19 lbs, and is barely in 6-9 month size clothes. ......I think that's about all for now. Happy 1st Birthday princess!!!